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The Only Gate Hinges Our Customers Trust

The Only Gate Hinges Our Customers Trust

When it comes to gate hardware you want something you, your family and your business can trust. That’s why quality, reliability and safety are among the most important considerations to D&D Technologies when we create our gate hardware. This dedication to top-notch quality is why our Shut It® heavy duty gate hinges beat out the competition.

From the day you install your Shut It® gate hinges to years after, we’ve engineered each gate hinge to make sure you have the best experience possible. Horizontal adjustability for perfect installations and sturdy, high-temperature sealed bearings allow for powder coating with the hinges installed on the gate.

And forget about maintenance - our Shut It® hinges make it easy to install and forget, no greasing or maintenance of any kind, ever! Each gate hinge is engineered to withstand the test of time; they’ve been tested to over 1 million open/close cycles and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

At the end of the day though, the true test of our products is in what our customers have to say. Here’s why our customer Tom E. trusts our Shut It® gate hinges to get the job done:

“At Ornametals and Finer Welding, Inc. we’ve used Shut It® gate hardware exclusively for over 12 years. The high-quality and versatility of Shut It® Hinges is unavailable anywhere else - trust me!”

“We specialize in custom residential and commercial gates that weigh 1,500 to 2,500 lb, and having a maintenance free, adjustable, heavy-duty gate hinge is crucial to the installation and longevity of the gate system to function at its best.

“We believe the gate hinge is the most critical moving part of the gate and Shut It® hinges have never let me down. With the introduction of the high-temperature bearings that allows me to powder coat my gates with the hinges attached, the best just got better. Shut It® hinges are products that I and my customers can trust!”

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